Zeiss Individually Wrapped Lens Wipes


Suitable for all optical surfaces, including cameras and binoculars

The pre-moistened, micro-fine tissue from Zeiss ensures effective and fast spectacle cleaning. 

Sratch-free, fast-drying, steak -free; suitable for all glass and plastic spectacles.

  • Extensive testing by independent institutions (COLTS) show that it has better cleaning performance than ten alternative products – with no scratching or strain to the lens.
  • The wipes have an exceptionally fine structure to ensure exceptionally gentle cleaning of all spectacle lenses, even with high quality coatings.
  • It is pre-moistened with a unique combination of two active agents which are also used for medical equipment cleaning.
  • These harmless agents are free from aggressive cleaning substances and artificial fragrances. And the best thing is that the ZEISS lens cleaning wipes can also be used for cleaning all types of sensitive optical surfaces (e. g. LCD displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile phones etc.) easily and with no streaks

A pack of 200 Zeiss individually wrapped moist wipes

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